Do you have a child that likes to create objects out of wood? Our founder, Reverend Lynwood Smith recognized the value of teaching kids how to live a well-crafted life when he began the Shelburne Craft School with afterschool woodworking over 70 years ago. Join our legacy by learning how to make a one of a kind functional object that will be enjoyed for years to come! Students ages10-14 will learn from a woodworking professional in our charming historic light-filled woodshop about shop safety and how to use a wide variety of hand tools such as files, rasps, and wood burners. Your child will gain confidence making creative decisions in an atmosphere that is fun and supportive. At the end of the course they will go home with a valuable skill set and an amazing project. We teach how to make a different project each season so students often sign up for this course again and again throughout the year. Looking for more afterschool weekly coverage? How about signing your child up for Clay 002 or Clay 003