Are you interested in learning how to paint with oil but not sure where to start? Do you have some oil painting experience but need guidance in technique and material process? In this course, students new to painting learn the fundamental techniques of oil painting while students who have some knowledge are challenged with more in-depth study and practice of the medium. Did you know that oil paints are just pigment suspended in drying oil? It is one of the most versatile paint mediums; oil paint is able to achieve a range of effects from thin glazing to heavy impasto. Imagine setting up your painting easel in our historic Bunk House Studio as you learn about how to create your palate, mix paint, care for your brushes and store your work. The foundations of oil painting will be covered; from seeing shapes, form, color, tone, and light. Each session will begin with a demonstration followed by time to practice the new technique. At the end of the course students can expect to have a sample of test paintings exhibiting a range of methods and techniques.