In weaving there is always something new to learn and sometimes the challenge lies in finding what one wants to learn most! There is a richness found in group study that is enhanced by collaborating, as we share our successes as well as our mistakes. In this 8-week class, the choice is yours, to pursue independent study to weave whatever you wish, planning your warp independently of others, or you may choose to select an area that you might study in tandem with others, to explore different aspects of the same weave structure using different yarns and drafts, rotating looms at some point in the 8-week class if you wish. Weekly assignments, handouts, and class presentations will focus on learning how to visually identify different kinds of woven interlacements to expand your weaving horizons. You will have an opportunity to learn hands-on warping shortcuts, like using a paddle for multicolor warps and how to work with mixed yarns in the same warp.

What interests you most? Twill weave in one of its many aspects? Double weave? Overshot? Textural weaves? Color and Weave effects? Krokbragd ? Boundweave? Honeycomb? M's and O's? Summer and Winter? Shadow Weave? Lace Weaves? Rep weave?.... Lausanne's brief weekly presentations and class assignments will broaden your familiarity with these and other weaves.

This will be an opportunity to plan a project, make your warp, beam & dress the loom and explore the possibilities it suggests, all with Lausanne's support. Keeping a weaver's journal to document every phase of your work is strongly suggested. By documenting the details of our weaving projects---and tracking our errors as well as our successes---we create a valuable record to apply to future projects. If you are new to making a warp and dressing a loom, I will spend more of your class & studio time at the beginning helping you to get started. To the best of my ability, this class will welcome you wherever you are as a weaver, and inspire the best in you to succeed with your goals.

Class time is supplemented by four 2-hour open studios a week to provide more time at the loom. If students choose to collaborate and wish to share warps, they may rotate. This way it may be possible to bring home samples from other warps, as well as one’s own completed project by the end of the 8-week class. Three 8 harness looms are available for use in this class in addition to an assortment of wide 4 harness looms. Whether you are fresh from Fiber 105 or Fiber 202 or looking to refresh your skills as a weaver, you will find inspiration and room to grow and connect with other weavers here.

Limited to 6