This 6 week weaving class is designed to offer intermediate weavers and those who have completed the introductory class an opportunity to design & plan a weaving project and successfully see it through to completion. Lausanne will offer support throughout at every stage: help with design parameters, yarn selection, warp and weft calculations, making the warp efficiently, dressing the loom and more. Weavers invariably need to troubleshoot when a warp strand breaks or tension sags and Lausanne will offer you useful tips that can help you overcome these and other hurdles that may crop up, as well as a variety of useful finishing techniques once the cloth is cut from the loom. This course is designed to build your confidence in planning, to achieve what you reach for, and to inspire you to go where you haven't yet gone with your new found skills as a weaver.

20-30 minutes of class time each week will include the study of a different weave structure to familiarize students with the broader range of four harness weaving possible. We'll practice making a draw-down of each week's structure to help visualize and illustrate what gives that weave structure its defining character. Files with photographs and drafts of the week's chosen structure will be sent prior to each class, and when possible, woven samples of the structure will be passed around to examine.

As before, class time is supplemented by several 2 hour open studios a week to provide more time at the loom. If by week 5 or 6 any weavers have woven their warp to their own satisfaction and are eager to sample another, they might 'trade' their warped loom for that of another student. This way it may be possible to bring home samples from other warps, as well as one's own completed project by the end of the six week class.