Once weavers learn the basics of tapestry weaving, there is often a longing to take images and design ideas and turn them into larger projects. It is a wonderful step, moving out of weaving samplers and into the world of weaving what we want to express. It’s also at times intimidating and a bit overwhelming!

To support tapestry weavers on this journey, Susan Snider will host periodic Design Development and Project Consult workshops. In the first hour, Susan will discuss a particular design element or technique that is important for weavers to know and have practice with. Participants will see demonstrations and look at various artists’ work to get a sense of when certain tapestry techniques are used and why.

Following the demonstration, weavers will be able to consult with Susan and the group about their ideas, as well as troubleshoot issues that they might be experiencing.

This is a great opportunity to learn how to put your tapestry skills to great use in expressing yourself as a fiber artist.