Come join us for a satisfying morning of braiding a long lasting, reversible chair pad. Make a unique gift for someone special on your list!

It takes about 6 hours to finish braiding one chair pad, but in this three hour workshop you will learn all you need to finish what you have started. No previous experience needed.

Do you have favorite woolen garments that are torn or have a few holes? Shirt weight wool that has felted in the washing machine ? A favorite old skirt ? —even light blanket-weight wool. Durable knit fabrics may also be used. All will make fine rugs, but for an evenly thick chair pad, choose material of a similar thickness. It takes about a pound of wool cut into strips ~1 1⁄2 inches wide to braid a 14” chair rug.

You will learn to use small braiding cones to produce a completely reversible pad and a flat bodkin to invisibly join the braids,-- both special ordered for this class ( materials fee $20). You will go home knowing how to start braiding a
rug from scratch, how to join the strips without bumps or raw edges, and how to taper and finish your chair pad. If you on't have any old wool fabric to re-purpose, you may select from our bin of colorful scraps for an additional fee.

Warning, once you've made one, you may want to keep making more (and larger rugs too)!