Combine the ancient art of macrame and weaving to create your own unique wall hanging. Students will learn 3 basic macrame knots, the lark’s head knot, the square knot (and a variation of the square knot to get a spiral effect), and the double half hitch knot. Students will then learn different weaving techniques such as soumak, tabby and twining. During the class we will explore a variety of fiber types along with gauging the size of each type of fiber and discussing the different ways to use each. There will be time allotted to go over the basics about how to measure the amount of materials needed and how to source those materials responsibly. We will discuss how to create a visually balanced wall hanging with lots of movement and texture. All techniques will be demonstrated by the instructor and students will recieve printed materials to make following along even easier.

This course is open to people of all skill levels. The pattern can be altered to suit each student’s personal style and skill level. This course is hands on and focuses on allowing students to embrace their creativity while learning about the ancient art of macrame and weaving. The finished product will be a wall hanging comprised of all natural fibers hung from foraged driftwood. They make a great addition to your own home decor or as a gift for loved ones and friends.