In this course, students will learn the basic skills required for taking their tapestry weaving ideas to the next level. Skills covered will include: choosing a warp (6 ends, 8 ends or 12 ends per inch; hint: the more ends per inch, the finer yarn we use and the more complex the design can be); warping a frame loom, how to choose weft yarn, discussion of headers and choosing one; creation of a sampler that will include most if not all of the following skills: creating horizontal and vertical lines, creating shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles and circles, creating random shapes, outlining, shading, special techniques to create unusual effects, designing a next project and how to weave from a picture.

This will be a hands-on class with a specific set of skills taught in each class that participants can experiment with and develop for the remainder of class. The instructor will demo all of the techniques.