Inkle refers to the weaving of narrow warp-faced bands,and there are a great many ways to inkle weave, all of them easy and relaxing. A friend of mine refers to inkle weaving as “Zen Weaving” because once the easy rhythms of the hands are learned, one can converse with others and weave at the same time! This portable mode of weaving is not limited to using a modern inkle loom though for most people that is where we will begin. Several other tools used to weave bands will be available for use as well. Explore color and pattern design while creating sturdy and sumptuous straps and sashes, lanyards and much more. No previous weaving experience is necessary.

In this three-week class you will learn different ways to plan and create your warp designs, how to select the best yarns for your intended purpose, and how to warp your inkle loom in a design of your choosing. You'll be offered time saving tips on warping & to achieve even edges on your bands and be shown several ways to secure the ends of your weaving. If there is sufficient interest,in our last class we'll briefly survey and discuss some of the other techniques used to weave bands with numerous examples of tablet weaving and pick up designs.

Please bring your own inkle loom if you have one, though several will be available on loan for those who don't have one of their own.

Surely someone on your gift list needs a guitar strap, a camera strap, a bookmark, a small cellphone bag, a zipper purse, or just a greeting card with a snip of your inkle weaving in the window!