Session 2: Throwing larger

The goal of the Step-Up Skills class is to improve students' ability to make pottery on the wheel faster, larger and with more consistency. Students will be introduced to a number of tools and techniques used by production potters and in large scale production factories. Students will be able to keep some pieces from the class, but the focus will be on improving ability through throwing exercises, like repeatedly throwing identical forms then dissecting them. The goal is not to make students into production potters, but to help students who are looking to step up their throwing skills to the next level by teaching them a methodical approach to throwing.

Week 1 - Throwing larger in a single piece
Throw progressively larger vessels using 3, 5, 8, and 12lbs of clay.

Week 2 – Throwing with coils and larger bowls
Throwing large bases and adding coils on the wheel
Throwing bowls over slump molds

Week 3 – Throwing in pieces pt. 1
Throw a vessel in 2 or 3 pieces and attach them on the wheel

Week 4 – Throwing in pieces pt. 2
Finish vessels started in Week 3.