• CAMP 001Garden Inspiration

  • CAMP 002Skateboard and Graphic Design

  • CAMP 003Chef's Table Inspiration

  • CAMP 004Wooden Table and Mosaic Table-top

  • CAMP 005Wooden Paddle and Clay Sampler

  • CAMP 006"Tiny House" Architecture and Clay Sampler


  • Clay 001Kids Handbuilding

  • Clay 002Kids Wheel Throwing and Hand Building

  • Clay 003Kids Wheel Throwing

  • Clay 004Teen Wheel Throwing and Hand Building

  • Clay 101Introduction to Wheel Throwing

  • Clay 102Beginner Mixed Level Wheel Throwing

  • Clay 111Handbuilding and Sculpture Workshop

  • Clay 201Mixed Level Wheel Throwing

  • Clay 202Mixed Level Handbuilding and Wheel Throwing

  • Clay 203Alternative Firing

  • Clay 211Handles and Lids Clinic

  • Clay 212Ceramic Glazing Techniques Clinic

  • Clay 213Alternative Ceramic Surfaces Clinic

  • Clay 214Ceramic Portrait Bust Workshop

  • Clay 215Decal Printing on Clay

  • Clay 301Independent Project

  • Clay 444Class Extension

  • Clay 501Handles and Lids

  • Clay 502Glaze Techniques Clinic


  • Fiber 001Kids Handwork and Fiber Art

  • Fiber 101Basket Weaving


  • Glass 101Introduction to Stained Glass


  • Paint 001Tuesday Early Dismissal Mixed Media

  • Paint 002Kids Mixed Media

  • Paint 003Kids Print Making and Visual Story Telling

  • Paint 102Introduction to Oil Painting

  • Paint 103Drawing 1 & 2

  • Paint 104Watercolor Still Life

  • Paint 105Comic and Visual Story Telling

  • Paint 111Oil Painting 1&2

  • Paint 112Watercolor 1&2

  • Paint 113Illustrated Journal

  • Paint 114Portraiture and Collage

  • Paint 123Beginning - Intermediate Acrylic Painting

  • Paint 201Intermediate Drawing

  • Paint 202Intermediate Oil Painting

  • Paint 203Painting Practice

  • Paint 211The Colorist Landscape with Pastels

  • Paint 301Life Drawing

  • Paint 302Advanced Painting

  • Paint 303Open Studio Practice

  • Paint 304Life Drawing Intesive


  • Wood 001Kids Woodworking

  • Wood 002Tuesday Early Dismissal Woodworking

  • Wood 101Introduction to Woodworking

  • Wood 102Wood Turning

  • Wood 103Three Legged Stool

  • Wood 111Branch to Spoon Carving Workshop

  • Wood 112Woodturning Workshop

  • Wood 113Live Edge Cutting Board Workshop

  • Wood 114Longboard Cruiser Workshop

  • Wood 201Lidded Dovetail Box

  • Wood 211Beyond the Spoon


  • Word 111Lyrical Prose